The UK build market has experienced demand outstrip supply. On the demand side historically, there is a shortage of homes and with the pandemic some have wanted to relocate, plus the working from home becoming more widely accepted has led to a need for extra room(s). Which means people want different things from their home and in a different place than prior to the pandemic.  On the supply side there are shortages of people wanting to do work at building sites, the shortage and price rise of materials has also been made worse by a lack of HGV drivers.  To counter these effects there is now an increased urgency to incorporate new materials and methods of construction.

The past 18 months have caused builders and homeowners to develop new ideas for their projects. We have seen build designs changing, and new trends for 2022 are on the horizon. We predict that many builders together with homeowners will be looking to incorporate creative statements expressing individuality and freedom in their designs. They will also be looking for ways to show a premium build but at a reduced cost compared to a traditional building materials and older ways of construction and improve energy efficiency performance.

We at GLB have identified the following build trends and predictions you may want to consider for your new home.


The number of panel homes will soar in 2022

Many of us are aware of the supply chain issues of 2020 and 2021. These logistical complications have caused many builders to seek alternatives to traditional building materials. In many cases, this has led builders to favour panel homes over bricks and mortar, steel, or timber framed structures.

At Green Life Buildings, all our SIP panels are manufactured at our Corby factory. Our UK manufacturing base has enabled us to bypass many supply chain issues related to the importation of goods and materials and offer builders quick and efficient supply on all product orders.

Alongside the benefits of having easily accessible construction materials, our SIP panels also provide a wealth of environmental benefits.

Double SIP Panel

Improving sustainability in the construction industry

The recent COP26 summit has had a large impact on builders. COP stands for Conference of the Parties, and this recent global summit is the 26th time countries have gathered. COP26’s aim is to help the world and its population to cut greenhouse gas emissions, slow global warming, and create a more sustainable society.

GLB panel built homes are a sustainable and environmentally friendly build choice. The GLB system produces significantly lower carbon emissions and uses less energy than any other form of construction (that meets Local Authority Building Control standards for a home).

The rigid core and concrete finish to SIP panel homes ensure the highest energy efficiency rating giving builders long-term peace of mind that their project is as eco-friendly as possible. Using our SIP panels in a build project can help you to achieve air-tight standards that exceed current Building Regulations and can achieve Passivhaus certification.

Carbon Footprint

Build prediction trend for shapes in 2022

Over the years, traditional, straight lines and symmetrical geometric shapes have been favoured throughout architectural designs. In 2022, however, this trend may be about to change as non-standard shapes are becoming more popular and building in some quirkiness.

Architectural freedoms give character, a focal point, and a topic of conversation. Many builders are looking to make a statement with their homes, and GLB’s versatile SIP Panels allow many unique design options.

In 2022, we also expect more coherent design to interior and exterior living spaces.

Curved Panel

Bringing nature indoors for self-builds in 2022

Continuing the trend towards increased sustainability and the development of a greener society, many builders want to incorporate natural elements into their property designs. Embracing biophilic design ideas, builders are looking for new ways to incorporate natural lighting and ventilation into their building designs.

Homeowners are increasing their focus on sourcing local and maximising natural sunlight to give an enhanced sense of fresh air, embodying plants, and natural elements in their home. The versatility of GLB panels allows for these biophilic design features to be easily incorporated into all your projects.

Green Life Buildings

Make a difference and choose a panel house build project

If you’re planning a self-build project for 2022 and you’d like to use a more sustainable method of construction, GLB Panels are an excellent choice. Using our range of SIP panels can help you to reduce construction costs, minimise build times, lower your carbon footprint and build a sustainable, energy-efficient home.

If you’d like to find out more about how Green Life Buildings can help you with your self-build project get in touch today. You can call us on 0300 1332 463 or use our online contact form.




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Make a difference and change the way you build today

We know you are under pressure to reduce construction costs and build time, while also building in a more sustainable way. Our building system will provide you with greater speed of construction, a lower carbon footprint and better value than traditional bricks and mortar, steel, or timber frames. So, why not change the way you build today?

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