With contractors and developers looking for a building system that saves build time, it’s no wonder the Green Life Buildings (GLB) system is gaining in popularity in the UK.

The Corby-based manufacturer and supplier of the advanced panelised building system is quoting and providing input for ever more projects, ranging from larger ones such as high-rises, developers, to individual dwellings.

The GLB system uses world class and unique to the UK insulated panels where the design means the insulation enhances the strength and resilience of the panels, allowing more space available for insulation, and less of other materials need to be used.

Once in position onsite, they only require a thin layer of concrete applied to both faces. This system makes the panels the lightest to handle of any building system (per square metre) and provides unmatched properties for resilience, safety, comfort, and low carbon.

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But it’s the time and money savings that can be made that is making people sit up and take notice.

GLB Managing Director Chris Williams said: “With the government committed to Building Back Better and picking up the shortfall of new homes that need building, our system is providing the perfect solution due to the speed with which a project can be completed using it.

“Building a standard house is around 40 percent quicker than traditional methods because we are able to get to the structural stage very quickly, while more time and money is saved through the reduction in specialist equipment, such as cranes and heavy lifting gear, no longer being needed.

“It can also make secondary trades quicker, meaning you can go straight to skimming the internal walls and finishing the external ones without additional processes or layers. This could improve the speed further to around about 60% more efficient than a traditional build.”

A couple of ongoing projects the GLB system is used on in the UK include a development of 10 semi-detached properties in Hastings where GLB is supplying the GLB double panel system and providing supervision on the completion of the structures, and a stunning individual home overlooking the St Ives bay is being made from GLB single panel.

“Construction is moving away from older UK building techniques as they are too slow,” added Chris. “The Hastings project is a good example of that as the GLB-trained installation team were able to install and concrete cast, to three meters high, a pair of semi-detached houses in just four days.”

To see what is capable with the GLB building system for your project, or for more information, visit www.greenlife-manufacturing.co.uk.  

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Make a difference and change the way you build today

We know you are under pressure to reduce construction costs and build time, while also building in a more sustainable way. Our building system will provide you with greater speed of construction, a lower carbon footprint and better value than traditional bricks and mortar, steel, or timber frames. So, why not change the way you build today?

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