A building and construction company based in Kent is hooked on a panelised advanced building system – with its MD stating that every company should be building with it.

Kaskon Ltd has been using the Green Life Building’s (GLB) M2 system for two years and Managing Director Bradley Isherwood says it’s the only system they now use.

The GLB system uses world class and unique to the UK insulated panels where the design means the insulation enhances the strength and resilience of the panels, allowing more space available for insulation, and less of other materials need be used.

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Once in position onsite, they only require a thin layer of concrete applied to both faces. This system makes the panels the lightest to handle of any building system (per square metre) and provides unmatched properties for resilience, safety, comfort, speed of build and low carbon.

GLB’s panels, which weigh no more than 5kgs per square metre before concrete coating, can form walls, floors, landings, roofs, stairs, and internal partitions and they can be made to any specification and tailored to work with any design.

For Bradley, and a Kaskon perspective, the system has been a revelation.

“As a construction engineer, if I was to explain this system in a nutshell, it’s basically a 10-times stronger version of a timber frame,” said Bradley.

“The panels are not at all affected by the British weather when stored and they take up little space on site. They can be erected and propped quicker than any method ever seen on a building site, and render, brickslips or any other covering chosen for the façade can be easily applied to the concrete finish of the system without an additional levelling/packing etc…


“With vast experience in the commercial sector I’m gutted I haven’t been introduced to this system sooner, the amount of time and waste saved with shuttering this system is certainly the way forward. With the double panel that’s also available retaining walls are no longer a slog with retaining wall blocks as this system saves around 70% of the time with a saving of close to 50% when you consider current labour costs.”

A three-bedroom bungalow in Eastry, using floor panels and single panels, has recently been completed, and Kaskon is currently using it for 10 houses its building in Saint Leonards in Sussex. The company has also proposed to use it in two more projects, one in Folkstone and one in Wootton.


“We have five plots of two four-storey houses to build, including basements, so we will be using GLB’s double panels which will save a lot of aggravation. Building with them, and then applying the right amount of concrete, saves so much time,” said Bradley.

“From experience, using the GLB system is 70% quicker than traditional building materials and methods. The emphasis is on the time saving aspect but structurally the buildings are bulletproof.

“We thought we’d put a window in the underside of a garage and trying to cut it out was a two-man job, the walls were that solid. The other thing, of course, is that, once you have had training, they are so easy to build with. If you can use a level then you’re well on the road to building with this system.”

Kaskon has worked closely with GLB and, as well as the product ticking all the boxes, GLB’s own service had impressed.

“GLB have never let us down with the supply of their panels and once you’ve met Chris and the team you feel like you’ve got friends for life,” added Bradley. “They’re on the end of the phone whenever you need them, they have instructed some of my team on the construction process, and they are an absolute dream to work with.”


Chris Williams, MD of GLB, said: “It’s fantastic to hear that Bradley and the team at Kaskon have benefitted from using the GLB M2 system and they see it as the best way to build moving forward. We’re looking forward to our relationship with Kaskon continuing.”

To see what is capable with the GLB building system for your next project, or for more information, visit www.greenlife-manufacturing.co.uk.

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