With its proven ability to save time and money and provide a greener build, it’s no wonder that Green Life Building’s (GLB) Advanced Building System is gaining momentum with UK developers. Here, Gethin Carey GLB’s Regional Business Development Manager, explains why the system could be about to take off in Wales.

As a Welsh native, and with many years in the construction industry, especially housing, I am aware of the country’s dynamic housing sector and its clear determination to bring the housing crisis to an end while embracing a zero-carbon future.gethin

And with the last 18 months affecting hitting housing targets, there is an acknowledged shortfall of at least 60,000 homes in Wales, which will be confirmed when all Local Development Plans are finalised.

There have been a lot of local planning developments passed recently and a lot of people are looking for a Modern Method of Construction (MMC) as brick and block is too time consuming if this shortfall is to be made up.

Which makes it an exciting time in Wales with the opportunities this presents.

Modern Methods

With architects and contractors under increasing pressure to reduce construction costs and build-time, MMCs are becoming increasingly popular.

Conventional building methods can be time consuming plus unpredictable, relying on the weather and available labour, in contrast to MMCs which offer quicker, simpler, and more predictable solutions with fewer design and construction limitations.

Wales is changing the way it builds to ensure it meets carbon emission targets and constructs homes that reflect the changing ways in which people live, with an increasing focus on homes being constructed using MMCs, designed from the outset to be highly energy efficient, and a higher proportion of the building manufactured off-site.

The perfect system

Having had the benefit of working and building with almost all construction methods over the years, the GLB system ticks every box for councils, architects, developers, and social housing projects.

Recognised by the UK government as a MMC, the system uses world class and unique to the UK insulated panels where the design means the insulation enhances the strength and resilience of the panels, allowing more space available for insulation, and less of other materials need be used. Once in position onsite, they only require a thin layer of concrete applied to both faces.

As a result, it reduces costs by up to 40% compared to traditional methods, and construction times by up to 50%.

It uses low carbon materials to provide benefits at every stage of manufacture and installation, and means few deliveries to site, while the processes used minimise waste and all elements of the products are recyclable. It also reduces CO2e emissions compared to current practices by over 45% in construction (more than 22 tonnes per home) and 65% in operation.

Wales by storm

The time is right

There is a huge untapped demand for new construction methods that are both cost effective and environmentally friendly and with the GLB M2 system we’ve got an opportunity to build homes within three months, which can go a long way to sorting the problems with the housing shortage in Wales.

Three different councils in Wales are already showing a great interest in the product and we will be opening our first training centre there too.

The M2 technology behind the advanced building system is proven as are the products that provide innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective building solutions around the globe.

It’s an exciting time for MMCs and the sky’s the limit for GLB – everyone really should be looking at this system.

To see what is capable with the GLB building system, or for more information, visit www.greenlife-manufacturing.co.uk.

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Make a difference and change the way you build today

We know you are under pressure to reduce construction costs and build time, while also building in a more sustainable way. Our building system will provide you with greater speed of construction, a lower carbon footprint and better value than traditional bricks and mortar, steel, or timber frames. So, why not change the way you build today?

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